Quill & Scroll :

The Quill & Scroll is for Jenny who published her first e-book.

  The dark oak frame measures 13" x 15".

Ball & Jacks

"Ball & Jacks" is one of my favorites.  The jacks pop out of the glass.  It measures 27" x 23" and framed in dark oak.

Kristen's Diamond

"Kristen's Diamond" was my third piece with a lot of curved cuts.  It measures 22" x 22" and is bordered in brass came.

Kristen's Purple Abstract

Beautiful purple glass with a splash of champagne mirrored glass.

Barbara's Sunflower

Barbara's Sunflower measures 14" x 24" and is bordered in brown and gold streaky cord glass with wavy clear glass.

Fire & Wind

The stunning blue swirls in orange and fire red circle framed in a clear glass pentagon.

Hot Air Balloon

Inside the Hot Air Balloon are 8 vibrant colors with a blast of fire in lower left measuring 27" x 20" framed in 1" oak. It really pops.


Colorful glass Pinwheel on a swirly clear background bordered in black glass measuring 24" x 24".  Framed in dark oak.  One of my family's favorite.

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Stained Glass by James


Cassie is a 4-year old border collie.  She has competed in USDAA Nationals twice and came in 10th in AKC World team tryouts.

Wind Turbine

Colorful circular Wind Turbine on a crackly clear background border measuring 23 1/4" x 23 1/4".  Framed in light oak.

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Alyson's Circles

"Alyson's Circles" was my 2nd project.  The blue circles really pop in this piece.  It measures 23" x 23".

Flower Abstract

This abstract piece blends reds, pinks, blues, and greens.  I was experimenting with different colors, textures, and types of glass.

Robin's Hexagon

Colorful hexagon of blues, purples, mauve, and gray-white stained glass.

Robin's Mirrored Pinwheel

"Robin's Mirrored Pinwheel" was my first incorporation of mirrored glass with stained glass.  It measures 20" x 20".

Carol's Sunflower

Carol's Sunflower measures 14 1/4" x 24" and is an abstract pattern bordered in a light brown and gold streaky cord glass with a crinkly clear glass.

Fire Star

 Blacks, oranges, and fire red glass encompass a brown swirly brown glass cut from a single piece of glass. 

Ocean View

 The abstract "Ocean View" tree and beautiful blue ocean colors are my favorite about this piece.  It measures 24" x 18" framed in 1" oak. 

Stained Glass By James