"More Sun Catchers"

"Get Your Guns Up #2"

"Get Your Guns Up #2" measures 18" x 20 1/2" and is framed in 1" dark oak. 

The Arkansas Razorback rugby football is a bold red measuring 13" x 8".

Arkansas Razorback Rugby Football :


"Hook'Em Horns"

"Hook'Em Horns" measures 18" x 23" and is framed in 1" oak. After finishing my wife and daughters school logo, everyone asked where was mine.  Here it is.  "Hook'Em" Horns!"

"Gig'Em Aggies"

"Gig'Em Aggies" measures 19" x 19 1/2" and is framed in 1" oak. This is for my three daughters but resides with Kristen. "Gig'Em" Girls!

"Get Your Guns Up #1"

"Get Your Guns Up #1" measures 17" x 19" and is framed in 1" oak. This is for my wife, the Texas Tech Alum. "Get your guns up!" and all that stuff.  Hook'Em Beth!

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Final constructed piece measures 34 1/2" x 41".

Rainbow Umbrella

The "Rainbow Umbrella" measures 24" x 19" and is framed in 1" oak. Eight different colors make up the umbrella top.  This piece was a challenge because the solder lines had to be exact to pull off the design of the umbrella supports.  This turned into a Christmas gift for the in-laws.

Heart of Ribbons

"Heart of Ribbons" was constructed from 4 separate panels.  It currently hangs in our game room overlooking the entryway.  Each ribbon twists through each of the 4 panels and the background is clear teardrop glass.  Red and pink glass make up the primary ribbon, with purple, blue, and teal as the secondary ribbons.

Ribbon Streamers

Ten colorful "Ribbon Streamers" on a clear crinkly glass background.  The 23.5" x 23.5" panel is bordered with a blue and green streaky vertigo glass framed in zinc came.

Rainbow Landscape

The "Rainbow Landscape" was my first scenic glass project.  I made it for a friend's 4-year daughter.  Seeing her smile was worth the labor.

Clear Glass Montage

"Clear Glass Montage" was an experiment with different types of clear glass and beveled glass.  It measures 20" x 20" and is framed in dark oak.

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"Texas A&M times 2"

Two more Texas A&M renditions.  Each are 20"x20" framed in dark oak.  One is for my daughter and one for a co-workers daughter.

Stained Glass by James

Stained Glass By James